Terms and Conditions

The name “Doggies Day Out” and its associated logo are protected intellectual property within the UK of Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited. Registered trademark number (2600863). Use of our brand name and / or logo must be officially authorised in writing by Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited.
Doggies Day Out is a franchise network with each branch being owned and operated under agreement by its respective owner. Individual branches are responsible for their own actions and legal responsibilities. Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited shall not be held accountable for the actions of any individual branch. Individual branches must supply their own relevant contact and payment details upon request.
Each individual branch is able to select which of our range of services they are able to provide. Individual branches are not required to supply all services stated within our website and / or marketing literature. You should contact your applicable branch for clarification of the services they offer at any given time.
In the unlikely event that a customer wishes to raise a complaint or concern they should ensure that the branch in question is contacted in the first instance. Customers are welcome to raise complaints with Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited directly where direct resolution cannot be found with the branch in question.
Prior to the commencement of any services a free initial consultation will need to take place in order to assess customer suitability. Our service providers reserve the right to refuse the provision of services for any reason they deem appropriate. Your local service provider will discuss any prior arrangements required for the provision of the consultation.
Service providers may have to cancel or alter services where circumstances beyond their control become a factor. Your service provider shall endeavour to make contact at the earliest opportunity should services be affected in any way. You will not be charged for any services cancelled directly by our service providers.
The security of your property is of paramount importance and our service providers will aim to ensure that any keys / personal data are stored in a secure manner at all times. They will also aim to protect and treat with respect your property which includes any animals that we provide services for. It should however be noted that our service providers cannot be held responsible for any damage / loss caused to your property whilst providing any services.
We cannot accept any animals for services that are registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976. Our service providers have full discretion with regards to the animals they accept for services and may terminate or suspend services where they feel it appropriate and without notice. The welfare of all animals / persons within our care is our key priority at all times.
Owners are required to ensure that their animals (as applicable) have been treated for fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and other parasites prior to using our services. They must also be clean and of such a nature as to allow the safe provision of services. Failure to disclose any medical or behavioural issues at any stage may result in the immediate termination of services. We reserve the right to isolate any animal that shows signs of aggression or medical symptoms where applicable. We also reserve the right to contact / use the services of a trained veterinary practitioner if deemed essential. By accepting these terms and conditions customers agree to meet any applicable veterinary fees that may be applicable without exception.
Where applicable our service providers will use road worthy, insured pet transportation vehicles which allow suitable comfort and safety for any animals in transit. Customers are welcome to inspect any applicable vehicles used for animal transportation upon reasonable request. Customers are not permitted to travel within our pet transportation vehicles due to insurance restrictions.
All payments for services are required either in advance or at the time of service provision. We do not offer credit facilities at this time. Individual branches may insist upon a reasonable deposit to secure services where they deem it appropriate, please consult with your local branch regarding their own policies and procedures relating to payments.
All branches of Doggies Day Out are required to have suitable Public Liability Insurance and where applicable suitable Employers Liability Insurance. Customers are welcome to inspect these documents upon reasonable request to the applicable service provider.
Your applicable branch may use contact details which you have provided for the purposes of marketing, monitoring and general communication regarding services. Individual branches are also required under their respective agreements to provide contact details of all their customers to Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited for internal monitoring and marketing purposes. We will never pass or sell your details onto any third party.
Customers must ensure that their contact details and any details that may affect the provision of services are up to date at all times.
Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited and / or our service providers reserve the right to use photographs, video footage or other relevant media taken of any animals using our services for marketing purposes. Customer identity and security will always be considered when using such content. Customers that do not wish to have any media content used that relates to them directly should inform their relevant service provider in writing that this is the case prior to the commencement of any services.
Customers should note that service providers are not always able to give specific collection / drop off times due to various factors which include but are not limited to; distances required to travel, weather conditions, and traffic conditions. Where possible service providers will always endeavour to meet specific customer schedules but this cannot be guaranteed. It should be noted that travelling time is in addition to any times stated for services where applicable (dog walking services for example).
Due to insurance conditions and internal policies our service providers will never walk more than 6 dogs together at any one time.
Dogs using our services will not be permitted off lead unless permission has been given by the owner. Applicable dogs must have good recall and have established a 'bond' with the service provider. It is also important that the environment be suitable for off lead walks. Our service providers reserve the right to place dogs back onto the lead as deemed appropriate. All dogs without exception will be kept on lead initially until the service provider is confident they are suitable to be let off lead.
Service providers may provide 'treats' unless the owner requests this not be the case prior to the provision of any applicable service.
Bitches in season cannot be walked or mixed with other customers dogs without exception. Owners may be charged for services if a bitch is found to be in season upon arrival to provide services where other customers dogs are included. 'Intact' or 'entire' males may not be accepted for services at the discretion of the service provider.
Service providers reserve the right to use their own equipment when providing services where it is deemed that any equipment provided by the customer (dog leads for example) are unsuitable.
Services where an animal is required to attend a service providers premises may require an extended initial consultation period. This may include an extended stay at the premises to assess suitability. Your service provider will discuss any conditions prior to the consultation process.
Services that require an animal to be cared for over an extended period of time will require the customer to ensure that suitable provisions such as food and water are available as applicable for that time period. The customer shall be deemed responsible for the provision of any applicable items that may be associated with the welfare and comfort of any animal being provided a service over an extended time period.
Some of our services may require the service provider to be licensed with their local council authority (dog home boarding for example). Where this is the case the customer will be presented with any relevant conditions or requirements as dictated under the license agreement which are in addition to our own terms and conditions in order that services can be provided correctly.
Customers will be required to provide proof that any applicable animal wishing to use our services has relevant and up to date vaccinations. A copy of such proof will be held on file. Animals that are required to have up to date vaccinations will not be accepted for services without the original official documents being presented without exception.
Grooming services where applicable will only be provided by trained personnel. Our groomers reserve the right to refuse services where an applicable animal shows signs of aggression or is in such a condition as to render the animal in pain or severe discomfort should grooming services take place. Where an animal is badly 'matted' our groomers reserve the right to clip close to the skin which may cause skin irritation / small cuts in the skin. Where issues relating to 'matting' are applicable the owner consents to paying the full grooming fee and additional costs should it take more time than is usually required to resolve the issue. As with most grooming services our groomers may elect to use muzzles, dog crates and other such restraints in order to meet grooming standards and maintain safety / comfort for the animal and the groomer.
Service providers may impose fees for cancelling services with short notice or turning up late where collection / dropping off is required. Please consult with your service provider about any applicable fees prior to the commencement of services.
Where services take place within the customers own home there should be suitable cleaning facilities made available for the use of our service providers and access to a fresh water supply. Our service providers may also insist upon other provisions in order to ensure comfort and safety whilst present (especially in relation to pet sitting services). It should also be noted that 'in home' services will only be supplied where the applicable premises is vacant, it is not acceptable for our representatives to remain in a property with unknown people.
Customers that have 'house pets' which have free access throughout a property must note that we do not accept responsibility should a 'house pet' escape during the provision of services. Any animals within a property using our services should be left in a secure manner in order to minimise the risk of escape upon the entry / exit of our service providers.
These terms and conditions are not exhaustive and our service providers reserve the right to add additional terms and conditions where deemed appropriate in order to provide a high level of service and ensure safety. Any such additions will be presented to the applicable customers in writing prior to the commencement of any services. The terms and conditions contained within this document are subject to change at any time without notice, updated versions of this document will be available on our website: www.doggiesdayout.co.uk
These terms and conditions form a part of our contractual agreement with all customers using the Doggies Day Out brand. By requesting our services in any form the customer agrees to these terms and conditions without exception.
These terms and conditions are the intellectual property of Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited and are not permitted to be copied or used in whole or in part without the express written consent of Doggies Day Out (UK) Limited.