Doggies Day Out Franchise - FAQ's

Funding Support?

A Doggies Day Out franchise is a great price especially when compared to many other national pet care franchises. We understand that some people may require additional financial support. Generally the first port of call with obtaining finance should be your bank. Lenders will tend to require that you have some of your own money to contribute towards the purchase. If a bank is unable to provide all or part of the finance required we recommend an organisation called BizBritain ( Others lenders are available and we always recommend that you seek independent legal and financial advice in relation to purchasing any franchise.

Do I need dog walking / pet care experience?

Whilst we do not require Franchisee's to have professional pet care training / qualifications it is important that you are a dog lover and able to handle and care for a wide range of pets. Most of our existing Franchisee's are dog and pet owners themselves. We are confident that our training and operating procedures help ensure a high level of service to our customers and their pets. A lot of what we do is from on the job experience. As your new business grows so will your skills and confidence.

What are the total costs to start a Doggies Day Out franchise?

The total start up cost will vary depending upon the services you wish to initially offer. Our franchise package costs £5,995 and you will also need to source your own van that will be used to run your franchise. It is also important to ensure that you have sufficient personal funds available whilst you start and build up your new business. Franchisee's that wish to operate from commercial premises will also have additional costs to ensure the premises are suitable for use. We create a unique business plan prior to the signing of any legal agreement for each Franchisee which will factor in costs to set up and start operating.

Is a van included within the franchise fee?

The simple answer is no. It is common for van based franchises to exclude the cost of purchasing / leasing a suitable van. We do however provide financial support of up to £800 from your franchise fee to help with initial van payments whilst you are starting to grow your business. We also do not insist on a certain van or supplier. Franchisee's are free to select any van they wish as long as it is no older than 5 years, is mechanically sound, looks in excellent condition and is either white, silver or black in colour. We also recommend that rear parking sensors and a fletnor (roof) vent are fitted.

Do I have to use my own home to provide services?

You do not have to use your own home to run a Doggies Day Out branch. We offer a range of services from which new Franchisee's can select at least three that are not home based. Our home based services can include dog boarding, dog day care and dog grooming. These services (apart from dog home boarding) can be provided from a commercial premises if applicable. Not everyone wants or is permitted to use their own home especially if they rent. We will work with you to decide which services are most suited to your business and personal requirements.

Why should I purchase a franchise compared to running independently?

There are many people running independent dog walking / pet care businesses throughout the UK and for them that situation may be ideal. From our experience we have seen many independent dog walkers come and go and they normally cease trading due to the inability to grow their business. By joining a Doggies Day Out franchise you join a multi award winning brand that is tried and tested with the potential to grow into a thriving business rather than a  'pocket money' job. Having support and advice is critical in any business, with a franchise you are not alone. Over the past few years we have had three of our branch owners come to us from being independent dog walkers because they wanted to move onto the next level and beyond.

For more information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of taking on a franchise please feel free to visit the British Franchise Association (BFA) website: British Franchise Association

How do the monthly franchise fees work?

All franchises tend to require monthly fees of some description. Generally the initial price you pay for your franchise is used on setting up your branch and recovering costs spent on creating and advertising the franchise package. This means that the only real profit for a Franchisor is via the monthly fees. At Doggies Day Out we charge no monthly fees for the first three months of your start date as we want to give you the best opportunity to get your new business running. After the first three months we charge a monthly management fee of 10% of your turnover. Once your turnover reaches £2,000+ per month we will then freeze your monthly management fee at £200. This means you keep all profits over £2,000 per month (something we have yet to see other pet care franchises offer). We also charge a monthly national marketing fee of £25 per month (first three months free). This fee is used soley for expanding the brand nationally. We believe our monthly franchise fee structure is unique and fair.