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Dog Home Boarding

A True Alternative To Using Dog Kennels

We are pleased to be able to offer a unique alternative to using dog kennels. Doggies Day Out is able to board your dog overnight within a home environment. No cages, no restrictions, no lack of love! When your dog boards with us they become part of our family for the duration of their stay. They will get to sleep in their own bed and have the freedom and peace that comes from a loving home.

Many dog kennels offer a very limited service in that they will keep your dog but rarely take them out for walks or provide  dedicated one-to-one attention on a regular basis. Many owners dread having to place their beloved dog in dog kennels as they have reservations about the conditions and the service they  may offer. Avoid the worry, contact us today and if possible we will happily board your dog for a great rate with a great level of service.

We have no doubt that there are great dog kennels out there, but many of our customers often say they view using dog kennels as a last resort. Some have found their dogs to have been emotionally effected by their time in kennels and as a result would not use them again. At Doggies Day Out we have found that our services offer dogs an environment which feels more like home, they can have their normal routine and are comforted when they miss their owners. Some of the dogs that have stayed with us have even refused to go home with their owners after their stay as they have had so much fun with the other doggies!


All dogs that use our highly sought after dog home boarding service have an hour long walk included in their boarding fee. This would normally cost £12 but we do not charge extra for your dogs walk unlike many other similar businesses.

By law all persons and premises offering dog boarding services have to be licensed by their Local Authority. We are one of the very few local companies that have a license. If a similar company is offering boarding without a license they are doing so illegally, if they are cutting corners with the law  where else are they cutting corners? All premises used by Doggies Day Out are licensed and a copy of any applicable license will be proudly displayed.

Please contact us if you feel our dog home boarding service could be beneficial to you and your dog. As with all our customers we will need to conduct a free initial consultation and arrange a free 2 hour trial visit in order to assess your dog for suitability with our services. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.